Still in Isolation? Here are some of our favourite Movies to stream!

Still in Isolation? Here are some of our favourite Movies to stream!

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It can be upsetting not getting to go for a high-octane run amidst the madness going on at the moment.

Wherever you are in the world however, fear not! There are plenty of ways to get your petrol-kicks digitally!

Here are our top 10 driving *things* to watch at the moment on Netflix!


1. The Fast and the Furious series. OK I get that cramming 8 movies into one slot is a bit cheeky. But it’s a good time to watch the series from start to finish! There’s no denying that the Fast and the Furious franchise has developed a cult following, but many, myself included will argue it’s no longer the same. It used to be about modified cars, race scenes and a loosely overarching story line.There may be heavy levels of cheese involved throughout but switch your brain off and soak it in – I can’t lie, the franchise is my favourite set of go-to movies.Nowadays it’s a complex special-ops plot, which you may expect now that names such as Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson are attached. It isn’t a criticism, I actually enjoy all of both of their films, but it just means that the feel of the films changed. They are still awash with everything form Supras to R35s to Larken’s and Lamborghinis. That said, high points have to be in no particular order:

  1. The original movie – purely for nostalgia and memorable meme-tastic catchphrases.
  2. Tokyo Drift – controversially, perhaps the best movie? I know I know, but look at it objecticely – it’s the one movie that solely centers around the tuned car scene rather than it being a theme that just gets referred to.
  3. 7. for THAT ending 🙁



2. Ford vs Ferrari – A very watchable racing drama account of the deep seated rivalry between Ford and Ferrari and the side context of Ford vs Shelby. It’s high octane from the start and whilst it might be a little long for anyone who doesn’t enjoy being immersed in the car world but for the rest of us it is an interesting true (albeit in some instances dramatised) story which is immesively depicted. You know the general outcome, yet you’re still drawn in to and invested into every scene from the foundations and back-story, the key events, the big race and the post race story. A must watch for any petrol-head if you ask me!




3. The Transporter Series, in particular number 2 – Jason Statham’s first appearance behind the wheel wasn’t in the Fast and the Furious, it was of course in the Transporter, where as a bad-ass expert driver, he was paid to deliver cargo in a no-questions asked arrangement. It wasn’t particularly well regarded at the time, Jason Statham coming off as a bit wooden. But as time goes on and we came to ‘know’ him, the series is worth a re-watch and appreciation. The second one being my favorite, is essentially a montage of ludicrous driving scenes mixed with somewhat cheesy action, fronted by a W12 Audi. What’s not to love?




4. Bullitt – One of the most iconic car-chases should be reason enough to throw Bullitt on, the film that spurred the idea of a limited edition Ford Mustang in the same name, of course. It features Steve McQueen as a San-Francisco cop who looks to take down a crime-boss after a witness is murdered. If that isn’t enough to get you to flick over then there isn’t much point in me labouring the point – no doubt it’s a classic – and what’s more, McQueen even did his own driving in the film!



5. Baby Driver  – Baby driver is more of a celebration of the art of driving rather than the car itself – but nonetheless it features some enthralling chase scenes and well-orchestrated four-wheeled stunts. It’s well paced and as many films on this list is a film that doesn’t require you to overthink it; just soak it in.





6. Fastest Car – This is a series that is relatively simple, yet entertaining enough to keep you watching until the Grand Final. The long and short is four cars go head to head on the drag strip each week. The lineup consists with one super-car owner (that go from ‘snobby’ through to humble) and three modified cars in a race to the finish in elimination form. The winners go through to a series of finals to end up with one Grand Champion effectively. Simple enough but it’s an interesting watch, with each participant getting some screen time to walk through their journey and story. You start to get a buy-in with some of the stories and really start to route for them as they go towards the final showdown. It features everything from Ferraris and McLarens through to Civics and GTOs so it’s a nice blend of metal to absorb.



7. Chrome Underground – Whilst reviews are mixed on this one, it’s definitely an interesting watch albeit often feeling more than a little scripted. Again though it’s one of those where you should treat it as borderline reality and at worst you’ll get a little insight into the world of high-ticket car-flipping. I think it’s one that I appreciate for the smidges of it that are real, even if that only extends to the premise of travelling the world seeking rare cars.




8. Gone in 60 Seconds – a favorite growing up, this was my first real car-movie that I had the pleasure of watching. The story will be familiar as it has no doubt been replicated in a few movies; a retired car thief, forced back into the game for the salvation of a loved one. It was before Mr Cage delved into some more somewhat questionable movies but for what it is it’s a fun foray with lots of exotica in a race against the time and police mission. Worth it alone for “Eleanor” alongside a number of 90’s supercars. A contrast to the somewhat jerky original and well worth a watch. Overdrive is another film that takes some cues from this movie. It isn’t particularly.. Good.. But for some reason remains watchable. It mashes together ideas from various movies, including some others in this list.




9. Vanishing Point – Take a car delivery driver and a 1970 Dodge Challenger. Throw in a bet to transport the car within 15 hours on a course lined with cops and a huge chase.  Add multiple more chase scenes, gay hitchhikers, naked women on mikes and the end result is a 70’s cult hit that you can’t help but grin at.







10. The Italian Job – You can’t really have a list of driving movies and not mention it can you? It’s filled with charm and is one of the well loved British greats. Fake Aston Martins and plot holes aside it’s a classic in every sense of the word and it’s one of those movies that serves the sole purpose is to entertain. “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”It was tough picking just 10 – they aren’t necesarily the best – but they are certainly some of my favorites. Things like supercar megabuild, wheeler dealers, top gear, counting cars and a number of other films are also worth a mention – There’s so much more in fact that rather than constantly modify this list, I can imagine that we’ll simply keep adding to it until it becomes a week long binge bucket list! So tell us – what have we missed??

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