New rides need love too

We recently had this Pony in the pen. A hire car, and at only 8,000kms, it had some of the craziest scratches and inclusions that we've seen on a new car. 


This comes simply from a combination of people washing it down at Automated car washes prior to handing it back, and quick turnarounds at the depot meaning that cleaning amounted to sponges, pressure hoses and old rags.  We stripped the car with Auto Finesse Avalanche, a snow foam to delicately but thoroughly remove fallout and surface contaminants from the paint's surface before the subsequent cleaning stages. After she was suds'ed, washed, clayed, re-washed and dried, we got to work on a two stage correction, combining the the experimental Showroom Shine Super Cut compound, with the AutoExotica Pro DA Polisher to level and remove the worst inclusions on the paintwork. We finally went over the top of the new paintwork by applying a coat of Showroom Shine Carnauba Wax to lock in the deep, blue sheen that was left when we were finally done.


We will detail the polishing process soon when Super Cut is released for general sale, but in the mean time I'm sure you can appreciate the transformation of this Mustang's paint!

To the left you can see the 'Before'. Check out specifically around the florescent reflections and you will see visible scratches, and spider-webbing around the circular light. This area was taped as we worked on the right of the clean line that you can see. Focusing on the same reflections you can see clean reflections, free of paintwork scratches.

The below photos were taken in sunlight over the period of a day so you'll have to excuse the tonal difference, but the gold still shines.


You can see the stark difference in the sun's reflection however. With the bottom image showing the degree of mild scratches, clearly from a swirling cleaning action. Above we're left with a clear, radiant reflection owing to the clarity from the correction.


A final decontamination from the waxy polishes shows some deep reflections in this blue beauty!

More to come!



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