Who says Red Can't Reflect? A Type R tale.

We were in the Auto Exotica Showroom and fancied some work for idle hands.  

Keiro popped by looking to buy a 2008 Honda Civic which whilst only having 95,000 kms on the clock, had 10 years worth of swirl-marks (sponges are BAD, people!) So what better opportunity! We will cover all of the steps in more detail in the future, but the below is just a taster of the typical journey to making that paintwork shine once more!

You can see some of the worst-offending areas below.


It was dimming what was otherwise a fun, striking machine, with that v-tec sweet spot revving all the way to 8,500 rpm! 

First things first, we kicked things off with an Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam.


Working from Bottom to top, the snow foam lifts residue off the cars paintwork, meaning that when you get into the wash, the more harmful nasties are lifted clear of your paintwork!


We then thoroughly washed the beast using the two bucket method - something that we will cover in more detail another time.



We then gave the car a twice-over using Auto Exotica's very own compound clay. Clay lifts contaminants that have bonded on the paint's surface. You want these gremlins removed before you start any paint correction or scratch removal (imagine a polisher catching a lump of resin or tar and rubbing it over your paint. Over. and. Over. Again. (Cringe).

After heaps of prep, finally the fun could begin. We broke out a 3 stage Menzerna compound set, ranging from 1500 (coarse) grit down to 3000 (fine). The paint on Hondas is generally quite tough, but you always start on the finest grade paired with a soft finishing pad and work backwards until you see the effect. On something like a Porsche with its soft paint, something like this more often than not can cure most blemishes!


An inital pass working the driver's door saw a quick improvement:








So on we ploughed. We'll provide more detailed tutorials in the upcoming posts; but we're happy with the way this turned out!


Towards the end the OCD had really set in and we had a bit of time for a light restoration on the headlights and door trims. Being plastic they commonly go hazy, but a mild compound and machine polish removes the worst of the clouding and prolongs their life.

Some Alu polish to the kick plates, after stripping back that heavy layer of surface contaminant (it hadn't corroded being stainless steel but some liquid/dirt and god knows what else left a mirky film.


We finally applied a final coat in Auto Exotica's Final touch to give a quick, easy shine which repels water and dirt in every day diriving.

NOTE: Please - NEVER place your polisher on the floor mid polish! We only let it slide this time as this pad was going straight in the bin and the polisher straight for a clean-up. Otherwise it is a very easy way to pick up dirt and debris and ruin your hard work! Even if face up, the slightest breeze means that dirt only has to go so far to land on your nice, sticky, damp pad!


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