Absolut Classic Car Game Changer

Chelsea Higgins

If you have Instagram, you’ve probably seen Absolut’s new Elyx campaign, so you probably already know what I’m going to be writing about. If not, read on!

On September 9th, people all over New York City began spotting what would later become known as Absolut’s Copper Cab. This however, was not just your average NYC cab. The car was bought out to not only advertise for the luxury vodka brands new campaign, but to transport A-list celebrities through the city for New York fashion week. However, this isn’t the platform to talk about fashion or celebrities, we’re here to talk about the vehicle.

This infamous cab is in fact a 1949 Cadillac Fleetwood 75, a classic car that has been customized into this beautifully unique, reflective copper piece of pure muscle. The inside of the car leaves no detail unseen, with the classic Absolut pineapple pattern in copper overlaid on a beautiful teal background on the interior ceiling, a copper disco ball hanging from the roof, a polaroid camera for photos with a vintage feel (which, lets be honest is extremely fitting given the vehicle we’re talking about), and splashes of copper all throughout the int erior in the form of home décor items and trinkets. From the outside we see a beautiful true copper, with a pineapple hood ornament replacing the classic Cadillac one, the typical taxi roof signage has the word “Elyx” spelled out across it and in true New York taxi fashion; white checkered detailing across both sides. The chauffeur even wears a copper sequined blazer when transporting clients all over the city. Absolut has not only pitched a beautiful custom vehicle, but they’ve created an experience.

Advertising using vehicles isn’t a new concept, we’ve seen companies with vinyl stickers and signs on side panels and back windows for decades. This though, this is new and it puts everyone else to shame. When I saw the car itself it immediately made me think of 1950’s New York City, it reminded me of the type of town car that Marilyn Monroe, or James Dean would ride in to and from events. Copper in itself, while something that is considered a “new vintage” theme these days, is coming back in style because of how popular it was back then. So, while the car seems heavily modified and some may look at it as a waste of such a classic vehicle, they’ve modified it in a way that has kept true to its roots.

Absolut has created a hashtag on Instagram #CopperMakesItBetter and its truly a sight to see, people all over New York City have posted pictures and videos of this glorious beast. Without this, many of us would’ve never seen the vehicle and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to write about it. The fact that all of us have been able to experience such a unique car is a blessing. However, upon trying to reach out to Absolut to answer a few of my questions regarding who modified the vehicle, because lets face it, its probably crossed all of our minds upon seeing it, I was met with a pretty cryptic reply. I had asked if they could please let me know who modified the car, with the intention of asking them a few questions directly about what specifically was done to the vehicle and if they could give me some more in depth insight, as I couldn’t find anything about them anywhere. They replied to me quite quickly which was much appreciated, but they said; “The car has been modified with our agency and their fabricator in New York so very much custom made and internal”. So while my question was sort of answered, I somehow don’t think we’re going to get a straight answer or specifics from the company, which a shame, I’m sure whoever modified this Cadillac would have liked their work recognized.

So, while after this campaign is over this beautiful car will very likely be sold off to some well to do collector and we’ll never see it again, I don’t know if I can speak for everyone, but its been a pleasure to be able to see it in all its glory and in such a unique way. I’ll tell you what, I wont be mad if I see more advertising like this in the future and I hope that you have all enjoyed it as much as I have. An amazing twist on an all American Classic Car.

(All images used sourced from the Absolut Elyx campaign profile on instagram: @absolutelyx and the Copper Cab Chauffeurs instagram @tilthebreakofhawn)

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