Aston Martin has been named the world's most desirable brand and when you see...

Aston Martin has been named the world's most desirable brand and when you see one in the metal, it's not hard to know why.

The first two-seater Aston in almost 50 years at the time it was released, the V8 Vantage was simply automotive art. The elegantly aggressive coachwork sits perched on optional 19-inch alloys wrapped in nearly new Bridgestone Potenzas as per OEM specs - all sitting around the large 355/330mm disk brakes.

No Aston experience would be quite complete without a manual gearbox to complement the balanced, beautifully weighted and responsive steering. In this instance, supplied by a free-flowing six-speed unit from Graziano, mounted in the rear to further aid the quest for balance. You can slickly slip between the cogs with ease as you find the sweet spot in the travel of the suitably weighted clutch.

Perhaps the experience is best summarised by the display that illuminates when you turn the key. 'Power, Beauty, Soul.' Something about the beautifully crafted bodywork catches your gaze in the distance, turning heads far and wide. As you slip into the leather-clad, suede-rooflined cockpit which features piano black trims and an ergonomic layout you begin to appreciate just what a proposition the Sporty Grand-Tourer is.

From the torquey, 420bhp powerplant to the near perfect 50:50 weight distribution, the drive of the Vantage manages to be relaxed, comfortable even, yet engaging when you begin to up the pace with ample of grip and a communicative chassis.

As you prod the 4.3 quad-cam v8 to life via the glowing start engine button, you are greeted with a snort from the bespoke Aston Martin powerplant which crescendos to an aural delight as you wind it past 4,500 rpm. If one of the most incredible v8 sounds wasn't enough, this car has been enhanced with a Bellini exhaust system, shaving 20 kilograms off the weight of the car and adding even more exotic undertones to the orchestra of sound.

The interior features black leather, with white stitching which against the Titanium bodywork combines to a unique, classy compliment.

This vehicle was sourced in the UK, where the owner scoured the country for the right example - eventually deciding to purchase this example. It has been pampered and fastidiously maintained in its life, reflected by the 21,000 (35,000km) mileage.

It of course has a comprehensive service history record in original Aston Marton folders. Every cent spent on maintenance has been stored and is available for inspection - one of the mechanics building Aston Martins in the UK at the time of the birth of this machine has even inspected it recently in Perth, confirming its prime condition.

The completeness of the car goes down to the Aston Martin trickle charger and umbrella stored in the boot. At over $250,0000 when new, it's not hard to understand the emotions stirred up by being behind the wheel of this British Exotic.

From all angles, it embodies the Aston Martin ethos.

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