For those who thought the turbo revolution would kill the V12..

Alpina has always been a word that arouses excitement when added to the bootlid of a BMW. The 2017 B7 is of course no exception to this tradition. However there’s often been an alternate drug to get your Bavarian thrills from the ///M devision, and for the first time they’ve breathed their firey breath on the luxury 7 Series sedan.

Normally reserved for those who like to be driven rather than to drive, featuring legroom and rear seat opulence the  7 series normally finds favour amongst executive fleets and private charters, but that is all change for the latest M creation. The new M760i xDrive is as monstrous and technical as the 8-syllable bade might suggest, with it’s brawny 6.6 litre, twin turbo v-12 engine in place of the previous v8, the 2017 M760 catapults from zero to 100kph in just 3.9 seconds. Let that sink in. An executive cruiser that accelerates like a GTR.


The mind boggling specs are due to the 600 bhp V12 which produces a sensational 590 lbs/ft of torque from just 1,500 rpm with peak power hitting at 5,500rpm. It is a showcase for the first twin-power turbocharged v12 from BMW, with other tweaks including air to water intercoolers, a lightweight aluminium block and forged engine internals.

Although on paper the Alpina matches the V12’s power output, it won’t reach maximum output until 3,100 rpm.  Still a remarkable achievement, it will of course be a close sprint between the two. The M760 being factory fresh will be limited as per all BMW’s to 155 mph that said, with the Alpina sporting a claimed 190+ mph.

The 7 comes equipped in this guise only with an 8 speed auto transmission and launch control for aggressive starts. The transmission is honed to the driver; that is, never over-riding the driver’s commands if they desire to bump the rev limiter!

2017 BMW M760i XDrive Interior

The B7 and M760 both come riding on air suspension, adaptive anti-roll bars and rear wheel steering for ultra sharp turn-ins considering the almost two tonne girth. This is amplified when the Dynamic Control setting is slid towards ‘Sport’ or ‘Sport +’. Packaged with 20 inch lightweight wheels dressed in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres ensuring that every modicum of grip is extracted from the beast. Donning a revised body to depict its sinister intent, with the usual Aerodynamic M Flares, spoiler and exhaust tips and trims, The M760 has all the hallmarks of an M mile muncher. Or perhaps destroyer is more apt. The M760 is likely to command a sticker price in excess of $200k when it reaches Australian shores.

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