New Beginings

Written by: Anton
So after a nostalgic look back to some Jap Muscle on the main site, the decision was made pretty easily as to what the first full-chat build would become.

Thumbing through the local free-ads and after calling in some favours, a flat-bed was on the way out to a gent offloading a ’94 Supra which had been treated to a 2JZ-GTE, or for the un-initiated, Turbo Conversion. Featuring the N/A’s 5 speed manual box, but transplanted with a 2JZ TT, the car was an interesting miss-mash of mechanical patchwork, with some interesting additions. Most notable of which was the rattle can job of a matte black paintjob, ‘TRD’ badged 17″ Rims, unbranded FMIC, typical standard issue aftermarket cannon exhaust that you’d find on a supra and more treasures that would be discovered later.

It had obviously been someone’s pride and joy once upon a time, having been pampered albeit on an evident budget. The same budgets coupled with what seems to have been a dose of experimentation has meant that it’s wound up looking worse for wear, and with a spun bottom-end bearing. It won’t be going anywhere soon. The owner shows me a video where I must admit, the 52″ muffler had the typical Turbo Growl which was enough to get me excited.

On the inside, a Toyota Celica steering wheel sits proud and lonely behind the supras wrap around cowl, in this otherwise standard looking interior; there is a nice gear knob that said. The leather seats are in good condition, as is the rest of the upholstery.

Still, $4,000 down and it was being piggy backed to its temporary home. I feel a more keen deal could have been done, but she had potential.


A friends puts me in touch with a reliable tow truck and before I know it, our journey has begun;
I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I’m sure I will!

The gold shines through





Nested in her temporary home..


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