A C63S in for some TLC to keep our OCD on its toes!

A C63S in for some TLC to keep our OCD on its toes!

Packing a hand-built v8 churning out 500bhp and a similar torque figure, what it may have lost in all-out aggression over the 6.3 litre power plant of old, it makes up for in riotous performance. All whilst not entirely losing the infamous AMG snarl.

Dirt had found its way into every crevice of this beast, along with an array of swirl marks that had to be refined over two stages of polishing in order to restore the factory glimmer to the white bodywork. - but only after a thorough wash and decontamination program.

The interior was cleaned from the carpets to the leather and the Alcantara steering wheel before being treated and sealed.

Finally, the interior was protected with Auto Exotica Soul and Infinity wrapping up the exterior.

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