As a long-term fan of the R34 Skyline, it was a pleasure to get up close and...

As a long-term fan of the R34 Skyline, it was a pleasure to get up close and personal with one.

Anton's R34 is 25 years old and came a little battle-worn but was still generally remarkably straight. Running a paint condition report over the car showed us that the paint was very thin - not far off half that of the shop's R35 GTR. This would mean care and patience would need to feature in spades as the paint was very easily marked.

The mission was to reveal twinkle of the metallic flake that had been obscured by the years.,

The right compounds were selected to gently correct the paint over two courses and coax that fine finish out of the depths within. The showroom was alive with the smell of e85 and that legendery RB burble.

The end results were locked in with Infinity to add a layer of protection over the new shine

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