It's no secret that we have a soft spot for M Cars here!

It's no secret that we have a soft spot for M Cars here!

This Azurite Black F80 came in last weekend and was an interstate purchase that came with 5 years of paint wear. It was covered top to toe in swirl marks which took the lustre out of what is one of my new favourite BMW colours.

The mica in the paint gives it undertones of green, purple and midnight blue but swirlmarks deflect and diffuse the light, hazing away that pop. A matte paint job acts in a similar way, imperfections in the clear coat diffuse and deflect light instead of reflecting it, creating a duller look.

The first picture shows the effect of stages one and two of polishing, the middle band showing the worst of the scratches removed, leaving a finer haze. Then on the left, after refining the finish to a fine, clear glow.

The other photos show the general paintwork and the final photos the end and near end results.

This colour has to be seen to be completely appreciated, but for now it has been rejuvenated to dance and glimmer in the sunlight, with added depth from the coating of Infinity applied around it.

The carbon fiber splitter and spoiler added by the new owner compliment the colour perfectly and it's definitely kicked off a big love for the F80!

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