Ceramic Coating Washing and Care Guide

Now that you have your car gleaming and protected - here's a few tips to make sure that your car remains looking as best as it can for years to come.

How to wash a car with ceramic coating

After Application Please Observe the following Curing times for your new coating:

24 hours: Do not allow contact with water
7 days: Do not wash your car with mechanical or chemical products - it’s best practice to simply avoid washing the car in this time.
30 days: Coating reaches maximum hardness and scratch resistance.

Washing Your Vehicle

Vehicles should be washed Fortnightly or Monthly depending on usage.

Avoid washing your vehicle in Direct Sunlight to avoid streaks.

Pre-Rinse your vehicle to remove comtaminates before contacting your paintwork. This will minimise scratches to the coating.
Wash cleanest panels first, top to bottom.
Rinse your vehicle and allow the water to Sheet across your surface which will assist in drying
Dry the vehicle completely
using specialised microfibre drying cloths such as waffle weave drying towels Avoid excessive wiping of the surfaces and use more of a ‘dabbing’ action. Water contains minerals and in some areas there are a higher quantity of minerals than others. When water evaporates, it leaves behind these minerals on your paintwork, leaving ‘water sports’. As these minerals harden, they bond with your paint and become increasingly difficult to remove
Spot Removal For Contamination such as bird droppings, tar, insects and tree sap -
remove ASAP to avoid temporary etching or hardening which will need professional removal.
Never use abrasive products to polish the coating.
Avoid excessive rubbing and use of pressure.
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