Detailing. An Obsession.

Your ride is more than just a lump of metal. It is an investment. A passion. An extension of you. So it’s important that it looks the way the factory intended or better.

Our detailing packages are more than just a quick spray and shine or a wipe-over with a ‘polish’ chocked full of fillers which washes away in a matter of weeks. We offer our obsessive cleaning packages to bring back that factory shine.

We Start by using premium products to strip away oils and dirt built up on the paintwork. We then machine polish to cut and remove swirl marks that build up through years of cleaning and return a factory shine.

We then have a range of waxes and sealants to lock in that shine and add to the depth of gloss.


We repeat the process with an array of different compounds which are expertly blended to provide the correct intensity to perfect the various paint types and conditions that are out there. A 2 or 3 stage approach means that the worst offending blemishes fade into nothing.

A final prep and touch up to external plastics is performed, before, if required, a premium glass coat is applied – protecting your new paintwork from the elements and sealing in an exquisite mirror like shine.

Tyres are dressed, interior leather and fabrics thoroughly cleaned, conditioned and if required sealed, leaving your ride refreshed and revitalised. This is just an overview of the level of elbow grease, sweat and pure heart that goes into each job. Contact Us today to discuss what you wish to achieve and how we can bring out your ride’s best!

Pre Sale Clean

  • The perfect, quick way to get your vehicle sale ready! Includes a thorough clean inside and out. Snow Foam, polish with Auto Glym Super Resin and finishing with Meguiars Carnauba Wax. A spritz of internal air freshener and finally a layer of tyre shine and trim restorer to add a little sheen to your ride! Allow approximately 2 hours.

Thorough Clean

  • A step up, for the car that needs slightly more care. Snow Foam Rinse Two Bucket Wash Clay Bar Thorough Vaccuum Wheels Washed Dash cleaned with Vinyl/Plastic Treatment Glass cleaned inside + out Door Jambs claned Super Resin Polish Carnauba Wax Allow approximately 4-5 hours.

Full Detail

  • A step up, for the car that needs slightly more care. Snow Foam Rinse Two Bucket Wash Clay Bar Carpets lightly cleaned Wheels Washed Dash cleaned with Vinyl/Plastic Treatment Glass cleaned inside + out Door Jambs claned Single Stage Machine Polish to reduce swirls Carnauba Wax Allow approximately 5-8 hours.

Paint Correction

  • Multi Stage Paint Correction to remove swirls and scratches. Charge is per hour; Generally correction starts at a minimum of 3 hours dependant on the condition and desired result.

Ceramic Paint Protection

From $550
  • Auto Exotica are Approved Opti-Coat Dealers. Why did we choose Opti-Coat? Opti-Coat's Silicon Carbide technology is one of the oldest in the industry.

    It has been independently tested to Australian Standards by the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation and exceeds operational and safety standards for The Boeing Company.

    SiO2 and TiO2 based coatings degrade more readily over time, however in removing the oxygen and producing a Silicon Carbide formula, Opti-Coat have produced a long-lasting, hard wearing coating with a superior level of chemical protection. We provide Ceramic Coatings at prices well under what you could expect to incur at a dealer when buying a new car.

Single Layer Coating

Optional paint enhancement details

Superior gloss and chemical protection

5 year manufacturer’s guarantee

Dual Layer Coating

Price includes single stage paint enhancement detail

Enhanced gloss and chemical protection

7 year manufacturer’s guarantee

Wheel Cleaning

$380 / 4 wheels
  • Wheels Removed and thoroughly cleaned and treated with a dust - repellant coating.

Leather Treatment

  • Leather thoroughly cleaned and treated to keep it lush and supple.
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