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Opti-Coat Ceramic Coatings

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Auto Exotica are Approved Opti-Coat Dealers in Perth, WA


What is Ceramic Coating and why is it important?

Ceramic Coating products, otherwise known as glass coatings, are Silicone based coatings which can be applied to your vehicle’s finish to add a greater shine and protection.


Auto Exotica are Ceramic Coating applicators in Perth, WA. Ceramic Coating can provide protection from light swirl marks caused in every day use and cleaning, as well as chemical damage from the likes of bird droppings, bug splatter and light fallout.

It is applied to your paint after thorough protection and optional (recommended) paint correction.Once we have removed the worst of the paint defects, we decontaminate the paint leaving a clean, pure surface for the coating to adhere to. The coating is applied in one or two layers as required.


Lotus Elise Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Perth

Lotus Elise Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Perth

Why did we choose Opti-Coat?

Opti-Coat’s Silicon Carbide technology is one of the oldest in the industry. It has been independently tested to Australian Standards by the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation and exceeds operational and safety standards for The Boeing Company.

SiO2 and TiO2 based coatings degrade more readily over time, however in removing the oxygen and producing a Silicon Carbide formula, Opti-Coat have produced a long-lasting, hard wearing coating with a superior level of chemical protection.

We provide Ceramic Coatings at prices well under what you could expect to incur at a dealer when buying a new car.


Opti-Coat is available as two applications. Pro which features Opti-coat’s winning formula to offer superior shine and proetection to your car. Pro + Adds to this, adding an additional layer of protection, deeper gloss and even greater chemical protection.

The Below compares the performance of Pr

o and Pro + and the typical performance of wax and sealant products.



Pro Plus
  • Dual Layer Coating
  • Price includes single stage paint enhancement detail
  • Enhanced gloss and chemical protection
  • 7 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Single Layer Coating
  • Optional paint enhancement details
  • Superior gloss and chemical protection
  • 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee


Ceramic Coating

A BMW 120 M-Sport Coated in Opti-Coat’s Dual Layer Pro Plus

How long does the Coating take to Cure?

The coating cures to the touch in a few hours and is water-proof in 24 hours. During this time, it should not be driven in the rain or have water applied to its surface.

The coating cures and reaches maximum hardness and chemical resistance in around 30 days – so be sure not to clean your car in this time with any chemicals.

How long do you need my car?

Typically we ask that clients drop off their car as early as possible on the day of booking, with collection arranged for around 12pm onwards the next day. This gives time to let the coating naturally and evenly cure!

What about Warranty?

Opti-Coat coatings come with a 5 year Guarantee for Pro (Single Layer) and 7 years for Pro Plus (dual layer).

Do I need to wax my car with a ceramic coating?

With your coating in place, you will no longer have to wax your car. It is recommended to keep the coating’s hydrophobic properties and shine topped up with quality products such as Opti-Coat HyperSeal, but you do not need to apply wax. In fact, constant waxing may in cases decrease the performance and longevity of your coating.

Ceramic Coating is not only supremely protective, but also adds a great depth of wax, often well beyond what can be achieved with a wax.

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