Infinity. Our Ultimate Ceramic Paint Protection.

Paint Protection.

Infinity is our ultimate Ceramic Paint Protection.

  • Applied professionally and exclusively in our showroom it produces unrivalled levels of Gloss, Chemical Protection and Hydrophobic, Water Repelling properties.


  • This means that your car remains protected from UV and chemical attack, but also stays ridiculously easy to clean and maintain
  • Keeping your pride and joy looking great for Years to come - Guaranteed!

Paint Correction

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and treat your ride as if it was our own.

Prior to any paint protection, we spend hours polishing the car's finish to remove scratches, swirl marks and blemishes and restore to a mirror shine as much as is possible.

After all, what is the point in sealing in flawed paintwork?

What is Paint Correction?

Making Old look New

  • Paint correction is the process of making your car look new again. Cutting and polishing your paint's surface removes fine layers of the car's clear coat and heats it up.
  • This eventually results in swirl marks, oxidation and many scratches being removed leaving a mirror shine.
  • We first measure your paint's thickness to ensure that your car has sufficient paint remaining. Then we polish the car over as many stages as required using the appropriate techniques and equipment.
  • We generally operate to an 85% rejuvenation of your car's paint or a concurs finish.
  • Concurs finishes are more time intensive and can involve significant reduction in your paint's thickness and is recommended for show/stored cars only rather than regularly driven examples.

Hover over the photo to the right to see how the paint on this Ferrari 458 was rejuvenated!

Make your car easy to clean!

Super Hydrophobic Properties means that your paint will repel dirt, road grime and water.

Your car will be easier to clean, saving you time and money and reducing the scratches in your car associated with regular cleaning!

Gauranteed Performance

With added chemical and UV protection, your paint will be kept in as good a condition as possible for years to come!

Our Coatings come with a 5 or 7 year performance gaurantee!

Achieve a constant, deep gloss!

Our Coatings add an immense, permenant gloss to your vehicle.

The constant gloss means that your vehicle will stay in a pernant state of showroom shine, saving the need for constant polishing and waxing for years to come.

Enhance and Protect
Your Pride and Joy

Our packages include full paint correction, preparation, coating, curing and guarantee.

All you have to do is enjoy. You are also welcome to leave your vehicle with us during trips away to work!

from $1,150

Auto Exotica: Infinity Auto Exotica: Destiny

7 Year Gaurantee

5 Year Gaurantee

Dual Layer Coating

Single Layer Coating

Paint Correction Included

Single Stage Paint Prep

Extreme Chemical Protection

Enhanced Chemical Protection

Extreme Gloss

Enhanced Gloss

Tested in the Real World

The Testing of our Coating Started with our own showroom vehicles. Our Most Recent test involved coating our Boxster S Test-Car and driving some 6,000kms across the Nullarbor.

On the other end we were able to hose the car down and in the two years since it has never been washed. A wipe down with our Showroom Quick Detailer and it's looking as good as it ever did despite years of neglect and abuse!

▼  How Long Do Our Ceramic Coats Last?   

Our Ceramic Coating formulas bond permanently with your paint’s surface.

Destiny is Guaranteed for 5 years and Infinity is Guaranteed for 7 years.

Once Cured, both packages can only be removed by mechanical action i.e. Machine Polishing.

Like any Ceramic Coating, The duration of the coating will be effected by the use of your car

▼ Do Coatings Peel or Discolour?

No. The Coatings are thin, durable layers on the top of your clear coat and do not fade with age.

▼ Are Ceramic Coatings Scratch-Proof?

Whilst our formula is scratch-resistant and will protect your car from some scratches - no coating is scratch-proof.

It is harder than your factory clear-coat, but like all Ceramic Coatings, we must emphasise that it is not scratch-proof.

It will reduce light surface scratches as well as keeping many light scratches from penetrating your paint’s clear coat.

▼ How Long Do We Need Your Car For?

We Generally ask for your car for 48 hours (this can be longer depending on the extent of the work that you require).

This will allow sufficient time to properly clean and prepare your car and for the coating to naturally cure.

▼ Do I Need To Purchase Special Products To Clean My Car Afterwards?

No. Auto Exotica’s coatings will not be adversely affected by any car cleaning chemicals. A car shampoo is recommended as it will digest any surface contamination.

▼ Will I Still Get Water Spots?

Water spots tend to be created by contaminants and minerals in water being left on the paint of your car when water evaporates.

With that in mind, Auto Exotica’s Ceramic Coating prevents your paintwork from being etched or damaged by water deposits; and it disperses water that does land on the car.

However the water droplets that remain can still leave marks.

The simplest way to remove these is to wash your car using a shampoo and dry with a microfiber drying towel.

▼ Do I Need Special Maintenance After Application?

It can’t hurt to have your car professionally cleaned to maintain the brilliance of your finish, but it is not an essential requirement. It Is important that some general best practice cleaning techniques are observed.

▼ Will a Ceramic Coating Protect Against Stone Chips?

No – it is important to note that coatings do not prevent stone chips. It may reduce glancing blows from stone chips, but if you are looking for a complete solution to stone damage – please contact us about Paint Protection Film.


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Harder, More Resistant, Better Protecting and Longer Lasting

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