Love Your Car? You Need This!

Why is Ceramic Coating A Must?

Do You Love your Car? I find that I enjoy having fun driving it about worrying about its condition. From Day one, your Car is under Attack but it's OK - We have the Defense.

A car is so more than just an object. They are Investments, extensions of you, sources of pride and enjoyment. If you're anything like me, seeing your ride gleaming before a drive is an incredible feeling - but imagine if it looked like that all the time with minimal effort?

And let's face it - many of them depreciate. Wouldn't it be nice to stave off that impact.

So if you Love your Car or at least want to protect its value, our Ceramic Coating Kits are for you.

UV, Road Grime, Daily marks from Cleaning, Bird Droppings, Road Tar, Industrial Fallout, Bug splatters, the list goes on. Over time these elements leave your car paint dull, scratched, marked and faded.

On average, if you want to clean your car the right way, you need to spend two-three hours washing, drying and treating your paintwork - or spend a fortune in car-washes or worse, bargain car washes that leave your car covered in tiny scratches over your paint.

SHOP NOW or read more about the solution below.

We Love this stuff so much, we coated our Boxster in it, then drove it 5,000 kms. You Won't believe the Results!

Home Ceramic Coating Kit - Only $161.50 ceramic coating star rating


Why is Ceramic Coating A Must?

Make Cleaning your Car EFFORTLESS. Water Beads and Sheets off, saving hours and dollars in car washing.

Increase your car's future value. They say first impressions are everything, and 81% of people surveyed indicated that they would pay more for a well-presented car.

Protect your vehicle from chemical attack from Bird Droppings, Tree Sap and Industrial Fallout. The hardened barrier keeps them off your paint and is chemically resistant.

Adds an insane level of Shine and Gloss to your Car's Paintwork. Blacks will reflect like never before, Whites will shimmer, Colours will lok as if dipping wet.

9H hardness rating provides protection from light everyday swirls and scratches that appear in your paintwork.

Long Lasting, with 2-5 years' protection depending on use and maintenance. That's potentially up to 60 months, wax-free, low maintenance motoring!

Home Ceramic Coating Kit - From $129.20ceramic coating star rating

Easy to Apply

A Key part of being an effective Kit, is making sure that it is easy to use. The coating features a simple wipe on, buff off application and is very forgiving in application.

Superior Quality

Tested extensively in the Lab against all conditions, but that wasn't good enough for us to want to stock it. So we've therefore tested it first hand in the Boxster above.

That car has had the coating on for two years now - and it still beads like you would not believe. After our 5,000km drive across the country, we encountered all sorts of exposure. The car was hosed down at the other end, dried and looked as if it had just rolled off the showroom again.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All Coatings sold on come with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Love your results or we will help make it right!

Home Ceramic Coating Kit - From $129.20ceramic coating star rating


Jess  - Civic Type R, WA

"I bought a bottle of this when I purchased my CTR a year ago. It was really easy to apply but even more impressive was the deep shine that it gave. The car is so easy to clean now too as liquid bubbles and beads right off."

Gary  - BA XR8

"First timer but it was simple enough to apply. Keeps the green machine looking really shiney, and I haven't been worried about washing it in almost two months now"

Sam - Toucson

"Keeps the family wagon shining and finger prints come off with ease. It's stood up to the kids and keeps the car looking pristine for work (I'm an Uber Driver) so it's a big thumbs up from me!"

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Home Ceramic Coating Kit - From $129.20ceramic coating star rating


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