Applying your DESTINY

How to apply Destiny to your car.

Application Time

1.5 hours on a medium sized Sedan

Curing Time

20 minutes - Touch, 24h - waterproof


Destiny Ceramic

Create Professional Grade Results on your car.

Incredible Protection & Gloss

Protect your car from the elements, whilst adding a permenant shine!

Destiny Installation - How to Apply a Ceramic Coating

Destiny application is designed to be simple for the enthusiast and professional alike.

An Overview of the installation is below, but you can also watch the video instructions on the Youtube Video to the right!


What's in the box?

  • 50cc Ceramic Coating Applicator
  • Final Touch Microfiber Cloth
  • Suede applicator cloth
  • Applicator block

Installation Overview.

Application is simple with the included Kit:

  1. Wash your car thoroughly and polish any scratches that you wish to remove prior to applying the coating

  2. Completely de-contaminate the vehicle using the included paint preparation spray (if you purchased the kit including the paint prep, alternatively use a panel wipe or even distilled water to remove residue from waxes and polishes. If your compounds are water based then distilled water should remove them. Clear any haze that remains until a clear, reflective, clean panel is left
  3. Wrap the application cloth around the applicator block ensuring that the hard side of the block is facing down and not the foam side (as this will absorb your product and increase the amount of wasted coating - you can use some masking tape to hold the cloth in place and make application easier. Sparingly apply two lines of the coating to the application cloth (usualy around 5 drops per line).

  4. Gently apply the product by sliding the block with the side primed with the coating against the paint, up and down in an 'S' pattern. Work in an area approximately 30-60 cm x 30-60 cm depending on your level of comfort. On warm days work to smaller areas as the product will flash-off more quickly than on cold days.

    Then go over the same area in S motions but side to side rather than up and down - effectively creating a Cross-hatch pattern.

  5. When the coating begins to haze (after around 30-60 seconds depending on the temperature (on hotter days the flash time is lower than on cold days) buff the area gently but quickly - applying minimal pressure and effectively 'whisking' off the excess coating until the area worked is crystal clear.
  6. Repeat section by section until the car has been completely coated. You may install subsequent coats at around 30 mins after coating any panel, but please be aware that the buffing / refining stage will be tougher on subsequent coatings as the new layer cross-links to the previous layer. It is reccomended to try on a small, discrete area until you are familar with using the product.



Q. How Long does Destiny Last?
A. Depending on the use and washing frequency, Destiny will last 2-4 years

Q. Will it protect against Stone Chips?
A. No coating will protect against stone chips. Ceramic coatings will protect against mild abraisions and swirlmarks but stones and hard scratches will still cause damage.

Q. How soon after application can I get it wet?
You should keep your car dry for 24 hours after application but the coating will be touch-dry in around 30 minutes.

Q. When can I wash my car?
You can dry your car in 7 days after application - avoid using any chemicals to clean it in that time.

Q. What Aftercare is recommended?

Generally You don't need to purchase any special products to care for your installation of Destiny - however there are some best practices that help prolong its performance: Firstly, we recommend washing your vehicle by using a snow foam cannon or the foam gun at your local jet wash (do NOT use the brushes - please! ) Then you can simply rinse your vehicle down. If necessary, use a microfiber wash mitt to tackle any stubborn areas of dirt. Be sure to dry your car, although it will now be hydrophobic and disperse water, water with contaminants can evaporate leaving residue in the paint. These can overtime etch into your coating requiring you to polish and top up the coating - so drying your car with a purpose-made drying towel, or an air blaster is recommended!

Q. I have left too much coating on the car or have spilled some on the car - how can I remove it?

The best recommendation for removing excess coating is to buff it away immediately. If it has cured, you will have to polish the area to remove the coating - preferably with a Dual Action Polisher.


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