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This CV8 was made in 2004 and received the face-lifted bonnet nostrils - which don't just look menacing in the rear view of the car in front needing to move over; but also assist in keeping the ambient temperature of the 260kw 5.7 v8 powerplant down.

Fastidiously maintained, This Monaro comes with:

Extensive Service History

Original Alloys included

Two Keys

Fresh Service

130k kms

4 Speed Auto


On 12 September 2004, Holden introduced the VZ Monaro CV8 with a 15 kW increase in engine power when compared to the previous V2-series cars.[18] The VZ series at first came in only four paint colours (Phantom, Devil, Turismo and Quicksilver) and later saw the addition of a fifth colour named Fusion, seen only in the closing of production CV8-Z model.


The VZ Monaro CV8 also featured a 10 speaker audio system with two subwoofers, new bumperh, dual exhaust and numerous other tweaks. The Air intakes on the revised hood would find its way into the Pontiac GTO state-side.




The Monaro Project has been described as 'pure emotion' Combining the muscular trademarks that v8 Holdens are famous for with sleek, iconic lines. The classic Coupe shillouette is timeless and the Monaro holds a special place to any enthusiast.




This Monaro comes with an extensive binder full of receipts over the years of ownership. The car also comes with a spare set of Advanti wheel with new tyres to compliment the standard oem wheels.

The car has been fastidiously maintained mechanically and drives excellently.

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