Spray on, Wipe off Ceramic

Super hydrophobic results

✅ Deep, slick shine in an instant

✅ Lasts up to 12 Months and beyond!

✅ Instant Showroom Shine

✅ Use to top-up an existing ceramic coating or as a stand alone spray protection

Long Lasting Protection

The superior formula conceals imperfections in your paint, reducing the period in between polishing and extending your paint' life.

Conceals Imperfections

The spray coating lasts for 12 months, repelling water, bugs and road grime - safing you time and money on washing your car.

Maintenance made easy!

Showroom simply saves you time!

Its versatility means that you can use it on a clean car, or as a quick detailer to quickly add shine to your vehicle.


You can apply it to a clean, washed and dried vehicle which is our preference, but you can also use it on a washed car that is still wet to provide a super-quick streak free finish!

Cleaning your car from there will almost be a case of hosing down your car with minimum effort!

Easy Application, Pro Results

👉 Showroom is our Flagship Spray Coating designed to give you more time to Drive your pride and joy and save you time and money in maintenance.

👉 Showroom uses proprietary SiO2 ceramic technology to instantly protect your paint.

👉 A chemical process then takes place which leaves a super-slick sealant on your paint.

👉 Protects against UV, acids and grime - locking them out leaving a hydrophobic finish.

👉 Showroom also conceals light swirls and scractches further enhancing the shine.

1️⃣ Wash your Car (not necesary but highly recommended)

👉 Showroom can be used as a waterless wash to quick-detail a fairly clean car but we'd always reccommend first washing and drying your car.

2️⃣ Spray evenly on to a cool, dry body, one panel at a time

👉 Lightly coat a panel at a time, evenly applying 5-6 squirts for an average sized panel.

3️⃣ Immediately buff with a clean microfiber towel until a slick, glossy finish is left

👉 Buff in random, circular motions until any haziness disappears and the finish is as desired

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Our Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Robert Thornley
Ceramic spray

i applied the ceramic spray on.my bmw and i am very happy with the results

Great premium ceramic spray

Great product for my new car, protected for longer, will order again, thx.

Tony Colvin
Auto Exotica: Showroom - Premium Ceramic Spray Sealant 500ml

Product was delivered no dramas.
I haven't used it yet but have planned to on Tuesday. I will then update this review with my findings.

Ryan Omari
great product!

great product!

Quick delivery great shine on my prado

Quick delivery great shine on my prado