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Simple to Install

✅Simply push and click to connect your light emmitters.


✅No woring, no soldering, no tecnical skills needed.


✅Each connector has an mounting eyelet (or two) to connect to your chosen surface with ease, either cable tie, or use approriate screws and fasteners.


✅ Plug in and assemble to desired design, then simply lift into place and fix.

Superior Performance

✅ 6500k brilliant white output


✅ White light is essential for showing the 'true' colour of your car without any light tinting


✅ This shows off your car in it's best light (Excuse the pun) and also is essential for accurate paint work and detailing


✅ he result is a car that looks fantastic, whether simply on display or being worked on.


Gaurantee and Maintenance

✅ Quality Gaurantee - 12 Month's warranty on all parts

✅ Modular componantry means that you can simply replace damaged componants

✅ Quick supply of replacement parts usually from our showroom right here in WA

Consignment Sales

Strapped for time?
Too many time wasters?
Already arranged your next Vehicle?

 We can sell your car for you!

Proudly Perth

Our showroom is proudly located in Welshpool, A stone's throw away from Perth Airport.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be satisfied - or we'll make it right! We personally test all products and vehicles and of course offer full statutory warranties as a minimum!

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