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Turismo is the perfect companion for vehicles that spend time on tour. 


It dissolves and removes iron contaminants from wheels and bodies and is a vital step in any maintenance routine.

Wheels and Paint, Cleansed

Introducing Tuismo, the treatment designed for cars that Tour.

Any car that's put through its paces will accumilate iron contaminants from industrial fallout and wheels will quickly brake dust. Cleaning your car with contact with these contaminants in place can lead to scratches across your painted surfaces, wheels and paint alike. Some contaminants are so bonded with your paint that washing alone simply won't loosen with normal washing.

Enter Turismo.

Safe for paintwork and all wheel types

Turismo is an advanced wheel cleaner that thoroughly but safely obliterates metal-based contaminants from your paintwork.

Rinse away Contaminants

1 - Spray on to contaminated surfaces

Brake dust, Paint contamination - spray it all with Turismo.

2 - Let it bleed

Turismo will react with metal contaminants that are on the surface of your wheels and paintwork as it dissolves and loosens them

3 - Wash it away

Within two minutes, rinse the solution away with a strong stream of water leaving a clean surface ready for sealing. Repeate as necessary

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